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South African Immigration Services - Cape Town - Johannesburg - Visas
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The Ritztrade Business Team works according to our corporate philosophy:
Personalized Service
Personalized Immigration Service
  •  High motivation towards our clients to achieve the best possible results
  •  All round information and transparency for our clients at any given time
  •  Personalised, professional care during the entire immigration process
  •  Intensive teamwork with the client
  •  Constant updates concerning the ongoing procedure
  •  Hands on attitude towards all necessities within

Our partners are registered immigration agents at the Department of Home Affairs.
They are well-known in the industry, and have accumulated years of experience.

We´ll be glad to assist you with your questions in connection with your immigration, and will consider your special lifestyle and individual wishes. You can intrust our partners to handle the complex application process, as well as all
the communication with the Departmernt of Home Affairs, the Consulates and other related institutions.

Our service offer entails:

Expert Guidance
We'll guide you through the entire immigration process
  •  Individual counseling and care up to the reception of your permit
  •  Collection of all the necessary forms
  •  Summary of all the necessary documents
  •  Completion of the forms
  •  Coordination of translations, such as references and other documents
  •  Drawing up of business plans for investors
  •  Preparation of the necessary paper work
  •  Communication with the institutions in question
  •  Local representation of the client at the institutions
  •  Efficient time supervision

If necessary we will introduce you to our partner lawyers, chartered accountants and other experts in the field.

Foreign language translation needs a special skill when translating the document and it was for a translator to be a specialist not only in grammar, syntax or vocabulary but also in the various fields of knowledge.

Want to apply while still in your home country?

Please get in touch with us today to discuss in what way our experts can assist you with your application.

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